Saturday, April 19, 2014

One Fine Day - Penne with Apple Parsley Cream Sauce

I'm such a foodie. OMG! Haha, now my blog seriously full with food pictures. No kidding eh? Haha. Anyway, since I still had some penne pasta leftovers yesterday, so I decided to had pasta for lunch. Few days ago, I watched Australia Masterchef on Lifetime Channel, and they made something with apples and parsleys. And this silly girl over here suddenly got an idea to make pasta sauces using apples and parsleys. And its work, my friends. This was super random, but if you want to know the recipe, I'm gladly will share it with you guys.

Ingredients for Sauce:
Onions, Garlics, Blackpepper, Salt, Sugar, Olive Oil, Apples, Parsleys, Anchovies, Beef Broth, and Milk.

Until next time. Bon Appétito!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Fine Day - Penne alle Acciughe (Penne with Anchovies Sauce)

I basically always add anchovies in everything, like every food that i eat must have anchovies in it. I don't know why I'm kind of crazy over anchovies nowdays. Weird right? So I had an idea last month to make anchovies sauce for my beloved pasta, and here we go Penne alle Acciughe. Acciughe is an italian word for anchovies. The recipe are so easy, and as you know, I made up this recipe, so there'll be no exact amount of this and that. Just follow your heart. Hahaha

What you will need:
Pasta (Any type of pasta. This time i choose penne pasta)
Olive Oil
Brown Sugar
Sterilized Unsweetened Milk

Basically put the onions, garlic, olive oil, and anchovies on food processor. After that pour it in the pan sauce and add the brown sugar and milk, and you just need to cook it until it well cooked. And voila, your anchovies sauces are ready! Bon Appétito!